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10.000 patients, we are strong all together!

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“Your exceptional services and customer care have been appreciated with the prestigious WhatClinic Patient Service Award 2023.”

WhatClinic Patient Service Award

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The More Clinics Turkey – a team of highly qualified dentists and surgeons providing top of the line services for patients travelling abroad to get their health and dental treatments. The More Clinics Turkey offers gentle and compassionate care, without stress or anxiety in a comfortable environment.

The More Clinics surgeons and dentists take personal interest in you. Our practices pays special attention to quality, while providing patients the benefit of affordable, state-of-the-art medical and dental services. We are determined to give you the best in medical and dental care.


Wide Range of Treatment Designs offered by the More Clinics to ensure your safety and results.

Dental Treatments
Adult & Child
Hair Transplant
Men & Women
Plastic Surgery
Face & Body
Weight Loss
Surgery & Non
Eye Surgery
Laser & Lens
Sexual Health
Men & Women

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“We focus only and just the best for all of our patients.”

Years experience
The More Clınıcs Turkey

Commitment to all Details

99% Guarantee Results

The Design of the Experience Concept we have reached 99 successfull results.

100% Certification = Success

High standards and commitment to all details and only by the Certified

10.000 Global Patient Network

Support Groups all over the world. We stand together we are strong alltogether.

Our servIces


Coordinators, available in 8 languages during your consultations and treatments.

V.I.P. Transfer

Airport Pick- Up and Drop Off, Clinic and Hotel Transfers will be provided by V.I.P. cars.

Modern clInIcs

All Treatments take place in Modern, Well-Equipped Clinics and Hospitals

WorldwIde servIce

The More Clinics look after more than 2000 Global Patients in a year.

Why People Join Us?

  • First Professionals of Health Tourism always with Hospitality.
  • Patient Rights Oriented!
  • State-of-art Technologies and High Quality Materials.
  • Specialis More than 12-15 years of Experience In Their Fields.
  • Team of Qualified, Accredited and Experienced Dentists, Doctors and Surgeons in Turkey.
  • Reasonable and Affordable Prices
  • High Organization Skilled Team creates an amazing and punctual itinerary in your health or dental travels.
  • Provides on-site and off-site assistance 1 year post-op.

Please have a look at the REVIEWS page to see images of our Patients. The More Clinics Team is comprised of an experienced team of Health Tourism Professionals and totally taken care of more than 10.000 Global Patients.

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