ReLEX SMILE Laser Eye Surgery

ReLEX SMILE is revolutionizing the way we approach laser eye surgery, making it one of the safest and most advanced procedures available today. By reducing trauma to the eye, eliminating flap creation, and sporting shorter recovery times than alternatives such as LASIK, this revolutionary technology offers new hope for those seeking to improve their visual clarity and quality of life. Through this blog post, we will introduce you all about Relex Smile surgery cost, benefits, risks and recovery.

relex smile surgery

What is ReLEX Smile?

It is a form of laser eye surgery that utilizes femtosecond laser technology to perform vision correction. The goal of the procedure is to reshape the front surface of your cornea in order to improve your eyesight.

How ReLEX SMILE Differs from Traditional LASIK and PRK Procedures

One of the most significant differences is that ReLEX SMILE produces less dry eye symptoms and less incision length. Additionally, ReLEX SMILE is a completely bladeless procedure. These factors, along with others, have made ReLEX SMILE a tempting alternative to traditional LASIK and PRK.

Is ReLEX SMILE Right for You?

Before you make a decision, it’s important to evaluate your candidacy and eligibility. Your eye doctor will consider factors such as your prescription strength, corneal thickness, and overall eye health to determine if ReLEX SMILE is right for you.

What to Expect from the Procedure

When you come in for your ReLEX SMILE procedure, your doctor or eye care practitioner will first evaluate your situation and create a personalized treatment plan.

Your cornea will then be prepared to receive the laser treatment, which involves reshaping its shape. The femtosecond laser is used to make small incisions at the edges of the cornea to allow for reshaping. Finally, a suction ring is placed around your eyes to secure them in place during treatment.

After completion of the procedure, you may experience some blurry vision and light sensitivity as your eyes recover. This usually lasts only a few days or weeks, depending on your individual case. It’s important that you follow your doctor’s instructions for post-op care and continue to visit your eye care provider for regular check-ups.

Relex Smile vs. Lasik

For those in need of corrective vision surgery, two of the most popular options are ReLEX SMILE and LASIK. For example, unlike LASIK, ReLEX SMILE does not require the use of a laser to create a corneal flap. Additionally, with ReLEX SMILE, patients may experience less post-operative dry eye symptoms compared to LASIK.

relex smile vs lasik

Risks and Side Effects

As with any medical procedure, safety is of utmost importance, and ReLEX SMILE is no exception. The good news is that numerous clinical studies have shown that the procedure is safe and effective with minimal risks.

Some of the possible risks and complications include dry eyes, glare, halos, double vision, infections, corneal scarring, and vision loss. While these risks may sound alarming, it is important to note that they are rare and occur in less than 1% of cases.

To ensure a safe and successful outcome, it is crucial to choose a qualified and experienced surgeon, discuss potential risks thoroughly with the doctor, and follow all post-operative instructions carefully.


Relex Smile Cost in the UK:

  • The average cost of ReLEX SMILE laser eye surgery in the UK ranges from £2,500 to £3,500 per eye.

Relex Smile Cost in the USA:

  • The average cost of ReLEX SMILE laser eye surgery in the USA ranges from $4,000 to $6,000 per eye.

Relex Smile Cost in Canada:

  • The average cost of ReLEX SMILE laser eye surgery in Canada ranges from $4,000 to $6,000 per eye.

Relex Smile Cost in Turkey:

  • Turkey is renowned for offering high-quality medical treatments at more affordable prices. The average cost of ReLEX SMILE laser eye surgery in Turkey ranges from $1,800 to $3,000 per eye.

Frequently Asked Questions about ReLEX SMILEEverything You Need to Know

What is the minimum corneal thickness required for ReLEX SMILE?

The cornea should have a thickness of at least 500 microns. In certain cases, the Smile method may be considered at a thickness of 490 microns.

How long does the recovery process take after ReLEX SMILE laser?

The recovery after ReLEX SMILE is relatively fast, typically taking about 10-15 minutes. Patients can often return to work and engage in light activities such as walking and jogging the day after the procedure. Water sports can be resumed after 1 week, while combat sports like karate and kickboxing can be resumed after 1-2 weeks.

Is ReLEX SMILE suitable for treating hypermetropia (farsightedness)?

ReLEX SMILE is primarily used for the treatment of myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. For the treatment of hypermetropia, alternative methods recommended by the doctor based on test results are usually advised.

How long does blurry vision last after ReLEX SMILE?

Blurred vision may persist for approximately 2-3 hours after the surgery. It is crucial to regularly use the prescribed eye drops as recommended by your doctor to ensure a healthy recovery process.

Last Words from the More Clinics

ReLEX SMILE is a revolutionary development in laser eye surgery that simplifies the process and revolutionizes the outcome for those seeking laser eye correction. Compared to traditional treatments, it involves minimal bone and tissue removal, is not invasive and uses no sutures. ReLEX SMILE also offers improved safety when compared to earlier procedures made popular by Lasik techniques.

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